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SOKOLOFF ART DECORATION is a team of artists, with a highest

Europian art education, and designers whose goal is to harmonize and

integrate the artwork within an architectural space. Owner and art director

Serge Sokoloff -, working together with architects and interior designers,

creates custom murals, finishes and paintings to communicate ideas and

evoke moods.


One of the great advantages to working with sokoloFF-Art Decoration is our

singlesource capability to assist you through an entire project, from

beginning to end. From restoration to conservation, from plasterwork to

decorative painting, from new artwork to historic fine art, from surface

preparation and quality coatings to custom decorative finishing treatments,

SokoloFF-Art Decoration can help you execute all of your well-laid plans

and designs.


From classical realism, to stylized Art Deco and Art Nouveau, to modern

abstract expressionism sokoloFF-Art Decoration designs and paints works

of art in every style. Our decorative painters develop innovative finishes utilizing a wide range of materials and techniques including venetian plaster, faux Boise, stenciling, gilding, wallpaper covering, specialty paint effects and window treatments.


Diversity of clientele has provided Serge Sokoloff with a keen sense of collaboration. In all cases, his goal is to delight his clients by providing a uniquely painted environment.



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